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Port Royal Sound Foundation Protects Beaufort’s Largest Resource story by JEANNE REYNOLDS photos by SUSAN DELOACH Quick: Stop reading and close your eyes. Now, try to imagine Beaufort without water. No marshes, no creeks, no beaches, no rivers (or what most of us call...

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Dick Stewart – A Citizen’s Story

This story begins in Savannah, where Dick Stewart was born and then migrates to the Lowcountry after six years. Prior to his senior year in high school, Dick Stewart’s family moved from Bluffton to Beaufort. The last stop in his childhood proved to be the fateful...

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On the Edge – Our Maritime Forests

New works by Laura W. Adams at Mystic Osprey Gallery to benefit Port Royal Sound Foundation, Friday, May 7th, 4-6PM, Beaufort, SC Renowned Atlanta Collage Artist, Laura W. Adams, is teaming with Mystic Osprey Gallery in Beaufort to create awareness about our country’s...

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Abraham Brown & The Art of Change

The retired Marine has traded his rifle for a paint brush, and it’s a beautiful thing. In the twilight tour of his 20-year military career, Abraham Brown served as a gunnery sergeant on Parris Island, training U.S. Marine Corps recruits how to shoot an M16. When he...

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Friends of the Rivers

The Port Royal Sound Foundation is dedicated to preserving the Lowcountry’s most pristine, historic and important estuary. No matter where you travel in Beaufort County, you’ll likely cross the Port Royal Sound. Located between Hilton Head, Port Royal, St. Helena,...

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Beverly Jennings

Shrimping, Crabbing and Oystering: A Southern Culture on the Brink of Extinction The Grit Behind the New Exhibit at Port Royal Sound Foundation’s Maritime Center Three blank walls. It was all Beverly Jennings needed to set off on a 10-year odyssey that would immerse...

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Charitable Funds Donated to the Port Royal Sound Foundation

Okatie, SC, June 15, 2021– Port Royal Sound Foundation (PRSF) announces the posthumous gift of local environmental educator, Bob Bender. Upon his passing in 2020, PRSF was bequeathed Mr. Bender’s estate which generated meaningful and significant support for the...

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Cool Sea Creatures at The Port Royal Sound Maritime Center

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) Are you really missing those field trips with your school? Then, come along with us for a tour of the Port Royal Sound Foundation’s Maritime Center in Bluffton, SC. It’s not open to the public right now, but we were able to pay a visit prior to the...

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